This is one of the classic "Dead" images of the psychedelic-era, "MEMORIAL". It is prominently displayed in "The Art Of Rock", plate 2.160, and was designed by Alton Kelley.  The handbills and posters printed for these shows were used to promote the 1968 Memorial Day weekend shows at the Carousel Ballroom in San Francisco.  The Carousel was an old 30's dance hall that was resurrected by several of the San Francisco bands (Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane) to promote their own shows.  They didn't feel as though they were getting a fair shake with Bill Graham.  The experiment didn't work (they were much better musicians than managers/promoters), and within six weeks of
these shows Bill Graham had purchased the Carousel, and renamed it the Fillmore West.

There are two variations of the original posters and handbills.  Some of the originally planned show dates were cancelled, and those dates are blacked out on the posters to reflect the proper show dates.  However, some of the
posters and handbills slipped through the cracks and are not blacked out. Both the original poster and handbill that we are offering had the dates along the top edge blacked out to reflect the actual show dates.

The original poster we are offering has one single/small flaw, a VERY tiny tear (1/8") along the top edge.  This tear does not affect the image in the least, and is simply mentioned for accuracy.  This is a gorgeous poster with brilliant colors, and has also been hand signed in gold ink by artist Alton Kelley.  It measures approx.  14" x 22".

The original handbill (approx.  6" x 11") is in beautiful NM condition, which is rarely the case on this odd-sized flyer.


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