This was the first Grateful Dead promotional/head shop poster.  It was printed in 1967, and designed by the late Robert Fried.  This image is prominently displayed in "The Art Of Rock", plate 2.190.

The poster that we are offering is in flawless condition.  It is our opinion that less than ten of these beautiful posters exist in this condition.  This poster was printed on a translucent plastic, so that it could be displayed in a head shop window, and light would filter through it.  It was a sound idea, and the effect of the light is stunning.  However, from a longevity standpoint, this was not a very good idea (but, who cared in 1967?).  Almost all of these posters have encountered one of the two following problems (if not both) over the years...severe fading & cracking. The ink on the plastic stock is tremendously sensitive to light, and cracks easily with age.  Most that survive today are noticeably faded or cracked.  BUT, not this one.  It has been stored flat, and in a dark box for thirty-five years.  It is gorgeous,
and damn near a one-of-a-kind.

This poster measures approx.  15 1/2" x 20 1/2".



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