This beautiful psychedelic image is prominently displayed in "The Art Of Rock", plate 2.214.

This is an ORIGINAL/FIRST print poster (this poster was not reprinted) that was used to promote a series of shows at The Rock Garden in San Francisco (4742 Mission St., near Ocean).  The Rock Garden was one of many small venues in the City in the late sixties that tried to make a go of promoting psychedelic rock & roll shows.  In reality, none of them made it very long, but there sure are some cool posters that remain from the effort.  These shows took place March 21-26, 1967, and featured Janis Joplin, with Big Brother & The Holding Co.  & Love.  These particular shows were presented by the CIA (the Citizens for Interplanetary Activity).

This poster measures approx.  18 1/4" x 18 1/4", and was printed on VERY thin paper stock, similar to that of a handbill/flyer.  Despite the delicate stock, this poster is still in EXCELLENT condition, NM.  We have not seen another to match it.







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