The Human Be-In is generally considered by most experts to be THE seminal event in the hippie/counter culture movement.  It was held at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, and featured "All San Francisco Rock Bands" (Grateful Dead, Big Brother, Country Joe, Quicksilver, etc.), as well as Timothy Leary, Allen Ginsberg & Jerry Rubin.  Three different artists created artwork for the posters and handbills used to promote the event.  This one was designed by Stanley Mouse & Alton Kelley.

The original/first print poster measures approx.  14 3/8" x 20", and bears "The Bindweed Press, San Francisco" printing credit.

The second print poster, and authorized reprint, measures approx.  20" x 28", and is has several color bands across the image.

Another poster, an unauthorized printing, was printed by the San Francisco Poster Company (in the early 1970's).  This poster bears the SF Poster Co.  printing credit, and is similar in size to the original poster.

The original handbill was printed on thin paper stock, and measures approx.  8 1/2" x 11"




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