This terrific psychedelic image, a true favorite amongst Janis Joplin fans, is prominently displayed in "The Art Of Rock", plate 3.111.  This is one of those small venue California pieces that rarely gets offered.  Printing volumes for these out of the way shows were just a fraction of the Fillmore & Avalon.

This original/first print poster (this poster was not reprinted) was used to promote a single show at Freeborn Hall on the campus of UC Davis.  This show took place May 17, 1967, and featured Janis Joplin, with Big Brother & The
Holding Co.  This poster measures approx.  11 1/2" x 17 1/2, and is EXCELLENT condition.  There is a light  fold in the lower right corner of this poster, dropping the grade to NM-, but it is a very unobtrusive flaw on this very rare poster (it's the only one we have ever had to offer out).

We have two variations of the original handbills that were printed prior to the shows on very thin paper.  Both measure approx.  6" x 9".

The first handbill (we will call it Type A) matches the original poster, and the image in "The Art Of Rock".  It is in EXCELLENT condition, NM/NM+.

The second handbill (we will call it Type B) is pink instead of yellow orange.  It is also in EXCELLENT condition, NM/NM+, and fewer seem to exist.






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