One of the very popular images of the psychedelic-era, Lee Conklin's "FLYING EARS".  The appearance of The Who has only made this poster more desirable.

The original/first print poster was printed on uncoated index paper stock, similar to most Fillmore originals printed during 1968.  It measures approx.  14" X 21".

The second print poster, an authorized reprint, was printed on a glossy/coated paper stock, similar to Fillmore originals printed in 1969-1971, which is most probably when this poster was printed.  This poster measures approx.  14" X 21".

The original postcard was printed prior to the shows and has a place stamp here back.  It measures approx.  4 1/2" X 7".

A double postcard of this image and BG 107 was also printed.  It measures approx. 4 1/2" X 14", and most of these were mailed.  The reverse of the BG 108 image on this card has a bulk rate stamp, so if a BG 108 card has a bulk rate back, it has been cut from the double card.

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The Who
Cannonball Adderly
The Vagrants

2/22-24/1968 Lee Conklin 2nd Print Poster N/A

Same As Above

2/22-24/1968 Lee Conklin Post Card


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