This is one of the classic Fillmore psychedelic images, and the first to incorporate photos of the bands into the design.  These very famous photos of the 1966 members of The Dead & Airplane were taken by noted rock & roll photographer, Herb Greene.  This is also the first time that Wes Wilson used the Roeller alphabet in designing his posters.  He would use it regularly from this point on.

We have two distinct variations of the original/first print poster, the characteristics of which are as follows:

One of the variations (we'll call it Type A) has a "pure" purple (violet) background.  Because of this, the "Wes Wilson '66" printing credit (which is located below "Aug.  13" on the poster) appears to be a reddish/brown color. There is also ink on the back of this poster (as well as on the back of the Type B poster) .  This was caused when the poster that was printed prior to this poster was not quite dry when this poster came off of the press.  This characteristic is proprietary to all posters from the original/first print run.  None of the reprints have ink on the back.  This poster was printed on very dull/matte paper stock (no sheen).  It is worth noting that this poster measures 14" x 20", 3/16" longer than the Type B poster we have. It is also worth noting that the BG 23-1 Type A poster that we are offering on the website is absolutely flawless...the nicest we have ever seen.

The other variation, Type B, has a much darker purple (indigo) background. Because of this, the "Wes Wilson '66" printing credit mentioned earlier appears to be black in color.  The paper stock used to print this poster appears to be a bit thinner than the paper used to print Type A, but it also has a dull/matte finish (no sheen).  It is worth noting that the Type B poster that we are offering on the website is absolutely flawless...the nicest that we have ever seen.

The second print poster eliminates the aforementioned "Wes Wilson '66" printing credit.  This poster measures 14 1/4" x 20 1/8", which is important due to the existence of a forgery/bootleg that was printed in 1987.  The "boot" displays many of the same characteristics of the second print poster, but is an inch longer and wider (the paper stock is also slightly different, and the print quality inferior, but length and width are enough to go on). Although not on the website, we do have a bootleg BG 23, if you have an interest.

The third print poster, like the first print posters, has the "Wes Wilson '66" printing credit.  The color of the background of this poster is a dark purple (indigo), very much like the Type B first print.  However, the paper stock used to print the third print poster has a sheen to it, and is smooth to the touch.  It exactly matches the paper stock that was used to print the postcards (which are approx.  5 1/2" x 8"), which were almost certainly printed at the same time (sometime in 1967) as the third print posters.

It is worth noting that some very knowledgeable people believe that the second & third print posters that we have just described should actually be reversed.  We certainly acknowledge that as a possibility, but what we have endorsed (concerning the reprints) parallels the print history laid out in "Eric King's Guide To Psychedelic Poster Collecting".  We are going with Eric on this one.

The original handbill measures approx.  5 1/2" x 8", and was printed on very thin paper stock, prior to the shows.  Of all the Fillmore thin paper handbills, the BG 23 was printed on the "cheapest" stock.  It is VERY difficult to find one in top condition (it attracts handling/dings and tears very easily), but the one we are offering is in EXCELLENT condition.
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