The original/first print poster measures approx.  13 3/4" x 22", and was printed prior to the shows on vellum paper stock, which is a thinner/softer paper stock than that used for the reprint poster.

The second print poster, an authorized reprint, measures approx.  14" x 22 1/4", and was printed on a sturdy/smooth uncoated index paper stock. This is the same paper that was used to print Fillmore originals from March, 1967, through the end of 1968 (which is when this poster would have been printed), and is noticeably thicker than the vellum stock used to print the original posters.

The original post card measures approx.  4 3/4" x 7 1/2", and was printed prior to the shows.  All cards have a "place stamp here" reverse.

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B. B. King
Moby Grape
Steve Miller Blues Band

2/26/1967 John H. Myers $15 Post Card

Post Card

Otis Rush & His Chicago Blues Band
Grateful Dead
Canned Heat Blues Band
B. B. King
Moby Grape
Steve Miller Blues Band



Wes Wilson
John H. Myers
$75 Double Post Card

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