The Quick and the Dead

This is one of the classic images of the psychedelic era. It is the very first time that the image of a skeleton was used to promote a Grateful Dead show.

The original FD 12 poster is quite rare, and exists on two distinct paper stocks. Most originals were printed on vellum, and a very few were printed on thin paper stock (identical to the early handbills).

The second printing of this poster has a "No. 12-2" designation in the lower right corner of the poster, and is printed on a relatively thin index paper stock. We would highly recommend you consider the second print poster that we are offering that is signed by Wes Wilson. We truly believe that Wes' signature will provide lasting value.

This image is mandatory in any psychedelic poster collection.

All FD 12 posters measure approx. 14 1/4" x 20"

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