This is one of the more popular images of the psychedelic-era, featuring the Zig-Zag rolling papers product logo.

The original/first print poster exists in two variations, the characteristics of which are as follows,

This original/first print poster (we will call it Type A) was printed on vellum paper stock, with silver/pewter ink.  It carries the notation "The Bindweed Press, San Francisco" in the lower left corner, and measures approx.  14 1/4"
x 20".

This original/first print poster (we will call it Type B) was also printed on vellum stock, but with gold ink.  It also carries the Bindweed printing credit, and has the same measurements as Type A.

The second print poster, an authorized reprint, was also printed on vellum stock, and carries the Bindweed printing credit.  However, this poster has the notation "14(2)" in the bottom right corner of the poster.  This poster measures
approx.  14" x 20", and was printed very shortly after the shows, certainly by the end of 1966.

The third print poster, an authorized reprint, was printed on index paper stock, and carries the notation "14(3) in the lower right corner.  The Bindweed printing credit does not appear on this poster.  This poster was printed no later than 1968.

There are two forgeries of this poster, both of which were printed in 1966.  The first forgery is very similar to the original/first print poster in both size and paper stock.  In order to distinguish it, one must study the Bindweed printing credit.
On the forgery, the second "E" in "BINDWEED" does not really look like an "E".  It looks more like an "N".  On the original it is clearly an "E".  The second forgery was printed on a much thinner stock than the original.  Once again, the Bindweed credit does not match the original. Both "WEED" & "PRESS" are blurred.  In addition, most of these posters were stamped "Genuine Counterfeit" by irate members of the Family Dog.

The original handbill was printed prior to the shows on very thin paper stock, and mesaures approx.  5 5/8" x 7 5/8".  There are two variations, one with a blue FD logo, and one with a gold logo.

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