The original/first print poster was printed prior to the shows, and
measures approx.  14" x 20".  It was printed on vellum paper stock, and both front and back are goldenrod in color.  This poster is extremely rare.

The second print poster, an authorized reprint, measures approx.  14 1/4" x 20".  The notation "No.  2-2" appears in the lower left corner. The back of this poster is white.

The original handbill was printed prior to the shows, and measures
approx.  5 1/2" x 8 1/2.  There are three distinct variations, all of which are extremely rare.

This handbill, Type A, is printed on white paper.

This handbill, Type B, is printed on pink paper.

This handbill, Type C, is printed on yellow paper.
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Great Society
Big Brother & the Holding Company
Grass Roots
Quicksilver Messenger Service

2/26/66 Wes Wilson
Chet Helms

$50 2nd Print Poster

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