Definitely one of the classic early images of the psychedelic era.  It's interesting to note that this poster was not reprinted after the initial print runs.  The prevailing theory behind this is the fact that these shows were cancelled.

This poster was printed twice, once before (2,000 posters) the shows, and once shortly after the shows (1,000 posters).  The two printings are distinguishable, as one has an orange border around "Howlin' Wolf", and the other has a red/orange border around "Howlin' Wolf".  However, it is not known which one was printed first.  Both measure approx.  14" x 20".

A very small number (25-30) of silk screen posters were made of this image prior to the shows.  The colors are dayglo, and it is close to twice the size of the aforementioned posters.

The original handbill was printed prior to the shows on very thin paper, and measures approx.  8 1/2" x 11".
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Howlin' Wolf
Big Brother & the Holding Company

9/23-24/66 Stanley Mouse
Alton Kelley

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