This is one of the very popular images of the psychedelic era.  The long narrow photo of Big Brother has been cropped within the shape of a penis, with Janis herself in the head.  Coupled with the pun " Motherload", this poster created quite stir, as the artist, Rick Griffin, had hoped.

The original/first print poster measures approx.  14" X 20".  The background of this poster is a medium blue, which matches the original card.  In addition, the printing flaw detailed in the description of the second print poster is light
brown on this poster, not white.

The second print poster, an authorized reprint, measures approx.  14" X 20". The background blue of this poster has more green in it, which does not match the original cards.  In addition, on the right hand side of the poster (below the word "ROOM") there is a heart shaped design with an arrow shaped tail, which has a white area along the top edge (this area is light brown on the original). This poster bears the notation "No. 60-1", but it is NOT an original. This poster was printed no later than 1968.

The original postcard was printed prior to the shows, and measures approx.  5" X 7".  Both place stamp here and bulk rate back cards are known to exist.

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