The original/first print poster measures approx.  14 1/8" X 20 1/2", and has a white border.

The second print poster, an authorized reprint, measures approx.  14" X 20", and has a yellow border.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that an uncut proofsheet (printed prior to the shows) exists that contains a yellow border poster, and six white border cards.  We have seen this proofsheet.  It is owned by Phil Cushway (Artrock).  According to Eric King, this proofsheet was probably an experiment by Rick Griffin to get an idea of how a yellow border FD 65 might look (it was not uncommon for Rick to do this).  It is Eric's opinion that Rick probably preferred the yellow, so when they reprinted posters the FD went with the yellow border.  Eric is certain that yellow border FD- 65 posters were not distributed prior to the shows.  We consider the yellow border posters to be reprints, but the existence of the aforementioned proofsheet certainly make it possible that yellow border originals do exist.

The original postcards were printed prior to the shows, and measure approx.  5" X 7".  Both place stamp here & bulk rate cards are known to exist (all of which have a white border).

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