The Joint Show was a pioneering event in the evolution of psychedelic poster art. It was held in July 1967 at the Moore Gallery in San Francisco, and featured the artwork of the "Big Five" psychedelic poster artists.  This was really the first time that an artistic spotlight was shone on these very talented men. To this point they were generally regarded as "poster guys".  Each artist, Rick Griffin, Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley & Victor Moscoso, was asked to design an image specifically for the show.  As you might expect, these images are prominently displayed in "The Art Of Rock", plates 2.347-2.351. The Griffin & Wilson images are unquestionably the most popular of the five, each a classic sixties image.

The Joint original/first print posters were printed on a variety of paper stocks. They were printed on glossy index stock, textured/vellum stock & foil stock (by far the rarest).  In addition some of the glossy stock posters were labeled as "first edition 1500".  This was done to generate interest in the posters (each artist also signed and numbered 50 of these for the show).  They were actually printed at the same time as the glossy posters without the "1500" designation.

The "1500" label was simply pulled from (or added to) the plate.  So,  there are four unique variations of each poster.  In addition, Norman Moore (the owner of the Moore Gallery) printed some additional glossy stock posters a month after the show in August, 1967.  The same plates and printer were used and as one might expect, the posters are identical to the glossy posters printed just a month earlier.  No Joint Show posters were printed after August, 1967.  With the exception of the Wilson posters (which measures approx.  25" x 37"), the Joint posters measure approx.  22" x 28".  They are magnificent.

Image AOR Number


AOR 2.347 Rick Griffin
AOR 2.348 Stanley Mouse
AOR 2.349 Wes Wilson
AOR 2.350 Alton Kelley
AOR 2.351

Victor Moscoso



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